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A press release on the 2015 Economic Freedom of Tanzania Report Posted Jan 04, 2016 By Isack Danford

The report measures economic freedom through rates of personal choice, ability to enter into market, secured private property rights, rules of law, among others by analyzing policies and institutions in Tanzania.

Our best idea to be pitched at the 2015 Think Tank Shark Tank Competition Posted Sep 30, 2015 By Isack Danford

We are proud to announce that our Executive Director, Isack Danford is among a handful individuals chosen to participate in the 2015 Think Tank Shark Tank Competition during the Liberty Forum & Dinner in New York this November.

We are celebrating one year! Posted Sep 18, 2015 By Isack Danford

In the past one year UIPE has managed to hold the first ever Economic Freedom of Tanzania Conference also it has just completed the Uhuru Leadership Academy with more than 30 graduates. To celebrate one year of such activities UIPE held the first Uhuru Leadership Forum & Dinner attended by Uhuru Leadership Academy graduates, SYPALA alumni and leaders of other libertarian organizations from Kenya and Malawi.