A total of 42 participants, including project managers, fundraisers, marketers and researchers from free market think tanks in 24 countries, took part in the Atlas Leadership Academy’s Think Tank Leadership Training in New York City, Nov. 9-12, 2014.

Participants attended workshops and lectures on program management, strategic planning, communications strategies and fundraising from leaders in the industry like John Tillman, Joe Lehman, Matthew Elliott and Ann Fitzgerald during the two-day program. During one breakout session, participants learned 6-Steps to publishing op-eds, with Sam Ryan of Keybridge Communications. Other highlights included the group projects developed and refined through each stage of the training, and the Milton Friedman Trivia night. Kudos go out to Brian Costin of the Illinois Policy Institute who provided a stirring argument for choice in education inspired by a colorful sock during the trivia competition.

Think Tank Leadership Training is designed to provide practical, and immediately applicable tools for participants to bring back to their organizations. Talya Messeri, a participant representing Taliesin Nexus, remarked that her working group would be instrumental in her organization’s growth as she would rely on and work with the others in her group in the years to come. And Brit Vorreiter of America’s Future Foundation identified several tactics that she would implement immediately upon returning from the training. Some participants will use the training to start new programs or restructure existing ones.

Among the participants of the 2014 Think Tank Leadership Training is Isack Danford, Executive Director for Uhuru Initiative for Policy & Education.

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