We are celebrating one year! Posted September 18, 2015 by Isack Danford


Uhuru In11951480_751557101657529_2067974465380007519_oitiative for Policy and Education – UIPE celebrates one year as a local free market think tank from Tanzania. In the past one year UIPE has managed to hold the first ever Economic Freedom of Tanzania Conference also it has just completed the Uhuru Leadership Academy with more than 30 graduates. To celebrate one year of such activities UIPE held the first Uhuru Leadership Forum & Dinner attended by Uhuru Leadership Academy graduates, SYPALA alumni and leaders of other libertarian organizations within Africa 11952798_1045889928785313_3609844473911814660_oincluding Alex Ndungu – Research & Programs Development Manager at the Eastern Africa Policy Centre in Kenya, Peter Yakobe – Executive Director at Center For Free Market Enterprise in Malawi, Allen Kimbelwa – Founder & Chairman of Tanzania Young Leaders-Empowering Vijana and Belinder Odek – Local Coordinator for African Students for Liberty from Kenya. Special appreciation to Atlas Network, Network for Free Societies, Students For Liberty, the Fraser Institute and many others who continue to support us in many ways possible.


UIPE’s Background


Isack C. Danford, UIPE’s Founder & Exeutive Director

Uhuru Initiative for Policy Education – UIPE is a brain child of a young man called Isack C. Danford following a four years journey which began at the Students and Young Professionals African Liberty Academy (SYPALA) 2010 at the University of Dodoma in Tanzania. After SYPALA, Isack got inspired and together with his colleagues initiated pro-liberty campus groups called African Liberty Students Organization-University of Dodoma Chapter (ALSO-UDOM) were he served as Executive President for a period of one year.

Uhuru Initiative for Policy and Education - UIPE Staffs: From left Morilyn M. Wambui (Administrative Assistant), Isack C. Danford (Executive Director) & Alexander Mtweve (Policy Projects Supervisor).

Uhuru Initiative for Policy and Education – UIPE Staffs: From left Morilyn M. Wambui (Administrative Assistant), Isack C. Danford (Executive Director) & Alexander Mtweve (Policy Projects Supervisor).

The journey continued after Isack was enrolled in the 2013-2014 Charter Teams Program organized by Students for Liberty, which gave him a chance to learn about how to become best advocate of libertarian ideals. The Charter Teams Program was followed by Isack nomination to the African Students for Liberty Executive Board in May 2014. Just before ASFL-Executive Board Members retreat in Nigeria, Isack was among a handful of individuals across Africa chosen to participate in the East African Think Tank Startup Training in Nairobi, Kenya from May 7-8, 2014 organized by Atlas Network under its program the Atlas Leadership Academy. After this program Isack initiated a local free market Think Tank in Tanzania by the name Uhuru Initiative for Policy and Education which advocates for a freer society through policy reforms and change of mindsets. UIPE’s Vision is Peace, Freedom and Prosperity in Africa. It’s Mission is to influence public policies towards the promotion of free market based solutions to Tanzania’s socio-economic problems and, to educate the society on the right of the individual to contract, trade and operate in the market free of constraint. UIPE’s Principles are Free Markets, Property Rights, The Rule of Law, Limited Government and Individual Freedom.

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